Tallahassee reporter calls Rick Scott the most press-averse Governor in decades


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The fundraising event was a fancy affair held for the benefit of Democratic Senator Bill Nelson at the Orlando home of philanthropist Alan Ginsburg. Vice President Joe Biden was the featured speaker.

Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was designated as the single pool reporter for the event, but he didn’t get the access he had hoped. Instead, Powers was told to wait in a storage closet until the speech began. Powers says he stayed there with an attendant posted at the door for over an hour.

“I kept peeking out to see what I could see and was told ‘We’ll tell you when you can come out,’” said Powers.

Biden’s office later apologized, but the incident resonated in Tallahassee among a press corps that feels the new governor is shutting them out of the party.

“We have never had a governor who was this reluctant to talk to the press corps,” claims St. Petersburg Times reporter, Lucy Morgan.

Morgan has covered ten Florida governors over the last 40 years. She says Rick Scott’s office delays requests for documents, tries to hand-pick pool reporters, and has forbidden his agency heads to talk to the media on their own.

Read: http://www.abcactionnews.com/dpp/news/political/tallahassee-reporter-calls-rick-scott-the-most-press-averse-governor-in-decades

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