Study rates Florida ethics, ‘corruptibility’

Updated: Monday, 19 Mar 2012, 6:35 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 19 Mar 2012, 3:44 PM EDT

TAMPA – Florida received a grade of C-minus, but that was still good enough to tie for 18th best with three other states in a first-of-its-kind assessment of corruptibility released Monday.

The report praises Florida’s open-records and open-meetings “Sunshine” laws.

It faults the state, though, for weak . . . → Read More: Study rates Florida ethics, ‘corruptibility’

Florida Supreme Court Ruling: Sunshine in Lakeland District

Published: Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 12:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 11:37 p.m.

Two substantial events took place in Tallahassee on Friday: completion of the Florida Legislature’s annual 60-day session — scheduled two months early this year to provide time for the Florida Supreme Court to rule on new voting districts drawn by the . . . → Read More: Florida Supreme Court Ruling: Sunshine in Lakeland District

Sunshine Week 2012

Sunshine Week was created by journalists. But it’s not just for the press.

It’s also for the public.

This week, journalists around the country are participating in the national initiative to promote discussion about the importance of open government and freedom of information. But freedom of information is a year-round pledge. American journalists promote open government every day, . . . → Read More: Sunshine Week 2012

Florida capital briefs: Open records bill goes to Gov. Scott

The Legislature today passed a measure (SB 1305) that spells out that governors-elect and other newly elected but not in office Cabinet members must abide by the same open record laws they will have to adhere to once they are sworn in. Further the law requires that after taking office, the governor or Cabinet member must . . . → Read More: Florida capital briefs: Open records bill goes to Gov. Scott

Sunshine Week Editorial

As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, it is my duty to be a watchdog for how our government spends

Floridians’ hard-earned tax dollars. There are few things more important than holding our government

accountable. Accountability requires transparency, a principle of which Florida has consistently been on

the cutting edge. With groundbreaking legislation in 1909 and again in 1967, Florida’s government . . . → Read More: Sunshine Week Editorial

Bringing More Sunshine to the ‘Sunshine State’

By William Mattox

Weather patterns in the Florida Panhandle have not changed much since last March.
Nevertheless, the citizens of Jackson County have benefitted from a significant increase
in “sunshine” over the last year. That’s because their local officials have made “proactive
disclosure” of county government activities a higher priority.

As a result, Jackson County earned the distinction of having Florida’s . . . → Read More: Bringing More Sunshine to the ‘Sunshine State’

The Villages Daily Sun Sunshine Sunday editorial

Open records help ensure an open political process

Trying to separate the unvarnished truth from the spin that is filling the airwaves during this presidential election season?
Perhaps it’s time to become proactive and undertake your own search for the facts about the respective candidates’ stands on the issues that are important to you.
That search may include doing . . . → Read More: The Villages Daily Sun Sunshine Sunday editorial