Author: Brandi Hollis

FSNE Bylaws Amended

Dear FSNE colleague: Your board of directors has amended our bylaws to broaden our membership criteria to include news leaders in the electronic media, including TV. The changes allow membership for leaders of news sites that don’t use either the term editor or news director. We can also add academic and institutional leaders connected to…
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Minutes of FSNE Board Meeting 7/23/2015

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 by Frank Denton. In attendance: Gil Thelen, Frank Denton, Doug Ray, Rosemary O’Hara, Barbara Petersen, Terry Spencer, Jennifer Orsi, Manny Garcia, Tristram Korten, David Carlson, Cindy McCurry-Ross, Ken Koehn, Mindy Marques, Bob Gabordi The minutes from the April meeting were approved. Financial Report and Membership: Thelen reported…
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Minutes of Quarterly FSNE Board Meeting 4/15/15

The meeting was called to order at 2:10 p.m. by Frank Denton.   Those in attendance were Frank Denton, Bob Gabordi, Gil Thelen, Terry Spencer, David Carlson, Manny Garcia, Rosemary Goudreau, Tristram Korten, Ken Koehn, Cindy McCurry Ross.   The minutes from the January meeting were approved.   Contest update: An update of the contest…
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Minutes of Fall 2014 Board Meeting

FSNE Fall Board Meeting   Poynter Institute, 801 Third St. South, St. Petersburg, FL October 25, 2014   In attendance: Carlson, Church, Denton, Goudreau, Irby, Korten, Orsi, Petersen, Porter, Ray, Spencer. By phone: Garcia Absent: Marques, Gabordi   1. Call to order: Denton 10:05a.m. 2. Approval of April Minutes: Ray http://fsne.flpress.com/2014/09/17/fsne-summer-board-meeting/ Orsi motion to approve. Carlson…
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Minutes of Summer 2014 Board Meeting

FSNE Summer Board Meeting   Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Fla. July 11, 2014   Present: Bob Gabordi, Frank Denton, Doug Ray, Gil Thelen, David Plazas, Terry Spencer, Chris Porter, Manny Garcia, Bill Church, Kenny Irby On telephone: Barbara Petersen, Dave Carlson Absent: Mindy Marques, Dave Carlson   1. Meeting called to order by Gabordi. Gabordi recommended for membership George Haj,…
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FSNE operational goals 2014-15 – From President Frank Denton

Dear FSNE member: I’d like to update you on FSNE activities and plans since our successful convention in Coral Gables. Board appointments Your board of directors has made these appointments: Mindy Marques, executive editor of The Miami Herald, is secretary-treasurer, meaning she will be president in 2016-17. Jennifer Orsi, managing editor of the Tampa Bay…
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FSNE Board Meeting Notes – April 24, 2014

Meeting by conference call, 11 am. On the call were: Bob Gabordi, Gil Thelen, Dean Ridings, Cory Lancaster, Mindy Marques, Manny Garcia, Bill Church, Kenny Irby, Terry Spencer, David Plazas, Frank Denton, Dave Carlson Absent: Chris Porter Gabordi moved for adoption of the minutes, approved unanimously. Treasurer report: Thelen reported that revenue is running behind…
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