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Associated Press: Anthony judge wants public records law changed

BY MIKE SCHNEIDER ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The judge in the Casey Anthony case has urged the Florida Legislature to change the state’s laws to keep jurors’ names secret in high-profile cases, especially when they might receive threats because of a verdict. Judge Belvin Perry wrote in an order that releasing the names of jurors…
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St. Petersburg Times: Keep openness in court

EDITORIAL As the adage goes, hard cases can make bad law. They also can result in closing public records that should not be kept secret. As the anger over the outcome of the Casey Anthony case fades, so should interest by state lawmakers in filing legislation to keep the names of jurors secret. Judges already…
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The News-Press: Scott record mixed toward open access

EDITORIAL Florida Gov. Rick Scott sends mixed messages about his commitment to open government. On the one hand, the governor has signed executive orders advancing, or vetoed bills limiting, the public’s access to state documents. On the other hand, Scott continues to insist on a paywall for members of the public who request these documents…
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The News-Press: Florida public records rule a wonder

BY BETTY PARKER With all the attention given a Florida law that exempts community college employees’ evaluations from being subject to the public records law, there’s some question over how such a narrow, specific exemption came into being. No other groups in all the education world were exempted, just those in community colleges. And how…
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News-Journal’s Lancaster takes over FSNE presidency

Florida Society of News Editors swore in Cory Lancaster, managing editor of the Daytona Beach News-Journal, as the organization’s new president at FSNE’s annual meeting July 1 in St. Petersburg. The FSNE board elected Mark Russell, editor of the Orlando Sentinel, as its new secretary-treasurer. Patty Cox, managing editor/presentation of the St. Petersburg Times, became…
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General membership meeting Friday

The FSNE general membership session will be held at 8:30 a.m. Friday in Plaza AB.

St. Petersburg Times: Scott veto strikes a blow for openness

EDITORIAL Gov. Rick Scott acted on behalf of Floridians Friday by vetoing a bill that would have driven underground the business of the state’s airports. Even for a Legislature with open contempt for open government, this bill was extreme and an invitation to scandal. Scott did the right thing by rejecting a measure that could…
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Daytona Beach News-Journal: Gov. Scott’s missing the chance for an open discussion

EDITORIAL BY PAT RICE, NEWS-JOURNAL EDITOR Given the fiscal issues the state is facing, Florida Gov. Rick Scott may never be Mr. Popularity. That doesn’t appear to bother him in the least. But it should. Scott’s effectiveness over the next 3 1/2 years will depend on his popular support. State legislators and local government officials…
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Miami Herald parent sells land for $236 million; newspaper operations unaffected

BY DOUGLAS HANKS Asia’s third largest casino company is paying $236 million for the 14 acres of waterfront land surrounding The Miami Herald, a deal that means a new home for the publishing company and a major new player in downtown Miami’s development boom. The surprise announcement came after a long-stalled deal for adjoining Herald…
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St. Petersburg Times: Government secrecy in Florida is out of hand

BY HOWARD TROXLER We have a simple and important principle in Florida: What the government does is the public’s business. Put another way, the taxpayers of Florida have the right to know what their government is doing. Read more here.