First Amendment Foundation: 2011 Legislative Pre-Session Report

First Amendment Foundation: 2011 Legislative Pre-Session Report

From the First Amendment Foundation:

The following is a list of the bills we will be tracking throughout the 2011 Legislative Session. As usual, we have selected those bills with open government and first amendment implications we think will be of interest to our members. After the summary of each open government bill, you will find an easily recognizable indication of whether the bill is good or bad. Under this reporting system, 🙂 = Good and 🙁 = Bad. Those bills that are neither good nor bad will not be marked. If we’re not sure of a bill, it will be marked with ???. Bills of interest which do not necessarily affect the public’s right of access to records or meetings will be marked WATCH.

During session, we will report any activity on these bills, as well as any new legislation that may be filed, on a weekly basis. Bills are listed in numerical order. When the text of the bill and its companion are identical, only the first bill listed is analyzed. We suggest you keep this pre-session report, as the weekly reports will not contain a complete description of all the bills.

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2011 Pre-Session Report