FSNE Board Meeting Notes – 1/28/14

FSNE Board Meeting Notes – 1/28/14



President Bob Gabordi called the meeting to order at the Tallahassee Democrat at 11:34 A.M.


In attendance were: Ray, Petersen, Spencer, Denton,  Gabordi.

By phone: Lancaster, Marques, Irby, Ridings, Porter, Carlson, Garcia

Absent: Church

Guest: Sam Morley, FPA


Gabordi moved adoption of the  October board meeting minutes. Ray seconded. Approved unanimously.


 Treasurer report:  Denton reported a very slight budget surplus for 2013.

Ray moved acceptance. Garcia seconded.  Unanimously approved

Legislative report: Petersen-Morley

Lots and lots of bills. Petersen said two are really horrible.  One HB135 would keep university dean and provost searches secret until finalists named.  Could spread to other government searches outside universities, such as city managers.  Petersen said we can’t compromise unless something better is proposed.

HB421 would make email addresses in hands of tax collectors exempt from public disclosure. Proponents make a false claim about identity theft. Nightmare of implementation. Huge redaction costs.

One good bill would require ethics and open government training for elected city officials. There is a possible omnibus bill to strengthen public records law.

Morley said FPA would work to protect and tweak public notice laws.  Also work to narrow mugshot bills.

Denton said governments are perceiving weakness among us. Foot dragging, driving  up litigation costs, denying award of litigation fees.

Sunshine Sunday

Denton described FAF project assessing county and city websites, which will be released Sunshine Week.

There is a possible Sunshine seminar at St.Petersburg College. We need op-eds for publication that week.

Convention planning

We plan to have a debate among Governor candidates. Our convention committee is Marques (chair), Irby, Gabordi, Spencer, Church and Garcia.

Visioning/transformation process/UF discussions

Carlson said UF Dean McFarlin is open to discussion about FSNE’s future home after we finish our visioning process. Gabordi commited himself  to complete the process during his term of office. Carlson agreed to assist him. Carlson motioned, Ray seconded,  authorization for Gabordi to spend up to $10,000 for a consultant to guide the process and recommendations. Motion approved unanimously. Gabordi said he would pursue options and report back to the board.


Ray said the site was set up and call for entries would occur about Feb. 1. We need Spanish and Gold Medal judges.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Upcoming meetings: Spring meeting TBD date , teleconference