June Executive Report

June Executive Report

June 26, 2008

Planning through 2009

Mark Tomasik, 2008-09 FSNE President and Jeanne Grinstead, 2007-08 FSNE President, recently reviewed ongoing and upcoming programs. Here is their report:

“In 2007-08, we grew membership, trained almost 400 professionals at four multimedia skills workshop, testified at all four hearings of the Governor’s Commission on Open Government Reform, expanded our contest to emphasize online and Spanish-language journalism, started a series of forums with DCF officials to enhance the agency’s openness, muscled up our FOI advocacy and monitoring and organized an effective convention program on economic challenges facing the state and presidential politics, including a session with Sen. John McCain.

“In the coming year, we will grow our capacity to serve and support members who are expanding their quality journalism from print to digital platforms, particularly Internet and mobile. A particular priority will be exploring how we might affordably enhance our web site to permit more active, collaborative and interactive relationships among members.

“We will seek ways to expand our membership beyond traditional print organizations.

“We will continue our multimedia skills training, revamping the program to meet your evolving needs. Expect to receive a brief questionnaire soon about what training would best serve your newsroom. We will launch an online training program on reporting and writing that features the best of Florida journalism hosted by UF’s Mike Foley.

“We will continue to support and forward the work of the Open Government commission, especially through a special statewide audit of how governments are meeting requests for email communications on public business. Our Sunshine Sunday focus will be the commission’s work. The DCF/press forums will continue around the state.

“We will again enhance our premiere contest to recognize the best of state journalism in numerous categories.”

Gil Thelen
Executive Director