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Public Notice Bill Passes Legislature

Florida Press Association 336 E. College Ave., Suite 203 Tallahassee, FL 32301 v 850.521.1162 | f 850.577.3600 For immediate release Contact: Dean Ridings March 5, 2012 850.521.1162 deanr@flpress.com Sweeping public notice legislation passes House and Senate HB 937/SB 292 headed to the Governor Tallahassee – In the closing hours of the 2012 legislative session, the Senate passed HB 937, which…
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Letter: Term limits best way to deal with unaccountable Florida lawmakers

Pat Phoenix, Jensen Beach Letter: Term limits best way to deal with unaccountable Florida lawmakers Thanks to Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, for his efforts to bring insurance payments by elected offices more in line with what the real world has to fork over. What angers me, beside his bill being voted down, is that the vote…
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Florida capital briefs: Open records bill goes to Gov. Scott

The Legislature today passed a measure (SB 1305) that spells out that governors-elect and other newly elected but not in office Cabinet members must abide by the same open record laws they will have to adhere to once they are sworn in. Further the law requires that after taking office, the governor or Cabinet member…
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Fla. lawmakers pass public-records bill

ASSOCIATED PRESS WIRE REPORT Thursday, March 8, 2012 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s next governor and other statewide-elected officials will have to preserve and make public any documents and e-mails they send between their election and the time they are officially sworn into office. The Florida Legislature has unanimously passed a bill that was sparked by…
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Sunshine Sunday 2012; Op-Ed By Mayors Of Cities Of Lake Helen And Sanford

We were each astounded when our City Attorney, approached us during the course of our service as mayors of the nearby cities of Lake Helen and Sanford and advised us that the courts had ruled that, although the Sunshine Law requires that meetings be open to the public, the Law does not give the public…
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Phil Lewis: Of laws and sausages: Horrors in the making

Close monitoring of what goes on in Tallahassee during the annual sessions of the Florida Legislature always brings to mind this quote: “Laws are like sausages; it is better not to see them being made.” It often is attributed to Otto von Bismarck, a statesman credited with the unification of Germany in the 1800s. Bismarck…
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Our view: Bad public notice bill dead, good one moves forward

Public and legal notices bills hit the Florida Legislature this year in separate waves. Fortunately one bill, as Dean Ridings, president and CEO of the Florida Press Association said, is “effectively dead” and the good one, in a House and Senate version, is moving forward. HB 149 would have removed the requirement to put public…
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Editorial: Open government legislation in Florida Legislature good step, but does not go far enough

Legislation pending in the Florida Legislature helps clarify responsibilities of some, though not all elected officials Legislation pending in the Florida Legislature goes a long way in establishing when elected officials must comply with the state’s open meetings and public records laws. But, at least for the current session of the Legislature, the improvements don’t…
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Florida Independent: State Rep. Perman calls on Scott to open up public records

BY TRAVIS PILLOW Gov. Rick Scott is again under fire for his public records policies, this time from freshman state Rep. Steve Perman, D-Boca Raton, who sent him a letter asking him to make records more accessible. Read it after the jump. The Tallahasee Democrat editorial he mentions is behind a paywall, but is available…
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