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Minutes of Fall 2014 Board Meeting

FSNE Fall Board Meeting   Poynter Institute, 801 Third St. South, St. Petersburg, FL October 25, 2014   In attendance: Carlson, Church, Denton, Goudreau, Irby, Korten, Orsi, Petersen, Porter, Ray, Spencer. By phone: Garcia Absent: Marques, Gabordi   1. Call to order: Denton 10:05a.m. 2. Approval of April Minutes: Ray http://fsne.flpress.com/2014/09/17/fsne-summer-board-meeting/ Orsi motion to approve. Carlson…
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FSNE Board Meeting Notes – April 24, 2014

Meeting by conference call, 11 am. On the call were: Bob Gabordi, Gil Thelen, Dean Ridings, Cory Lancaster, Mindy Marques, Manny Garcia, Bill Church, Kenny Irby, Terry Spencer, David Plazas, Frank Denton, Dave Carlson Absent: Chris Porter Gabordi moved for adoption of the minutes, approved unanimously. Treasurer report: Thelen reported that revenue is running behind…
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FSNE Board Meeting Notes – 1/28/14

 FSNE BOARD MEETING Jan. 28, 2014   President Bob Gabordi called the meeting to order at the Tallahassee Democrat at 11:34 A.M.   In attendance were: Ray, Petersen, Spencer, Denton,  Gabordi. By phone: Lancaster, Marques, Irby, Ridings, Porter, Carlson, Garcia Absent: Church Guest: Sam Morley, FPA   Gabordi moved adoption of the  October board meeting…
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