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FSNE April 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

FSNE Board Meeting Monday, April 29, 2013 Via conference call   Present on the call: Mark Russell, Doug Ray, Dave Carlson, Jim Baltzelle, McNelly Torres, Frank Denton, Chris Porter, Dennis Durkee, Bob Gabordi, Kenny Irby, Mike Wilson, Cory Lancaster, Gil Thelen. President Russell called the meeting to order at 10:31 a.m. The minutes of the…
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FSNE July Meeting Minutes

July 2012 FSNE board minutes Present: Cory Lancaster, Mark Russell, Jim Baltzelle, David Carlson, Mike Connelly, Frank Denton, Dennis Durkee and Antonio Fins (conference call), Bob Gabordi, Manny Garcia, Chris Porter, Gil Thelen, Mc Nelly Torres (conference call) Meeting called to order by Lancaster at 2:01 p.m. July 5, 2012. Approval of minutes from May…
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