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The Ledger: Scott Removes Wauchula Official For Violating Florida’s Sunshine Law, Four Others Resigned

BY JASON GEARY LAKELAND — A Wauchula city commissioner has been removed from public office by Gov. Rick Scott for attending closed-to-the-public meetings and another four have resigned. Scott issued an executive order Friday suspending and removing Daniel Graham for violating Florida’s Sunshine Law. Olivia Minshew, acting city manager, confirmed Monday that resignation letters have…
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FSNE’s letter to Gov. Rick Scott

Dear Gov. Rick Scott: As an organization representing print and digital news organizations around the Sunshine State, The Florida Society of News Editors would like to commend you for reaffirming your commitment to the Office of Open Government, as well as for your efforts to meet with and inform the press. As president of FSNE,…
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Highlights from Jan. 18, 2011, board meeting in Tallahassee

Present: Jim Baltzelle, president; Gil Thelen, executive director; Patty Cox, treasurer; Rick Hirsch, past president; Mark Russell, Terry Eberle, Mike Connelly, Manny Garcia, Barbara Petersen, Larry Sullivan, Bob Gabordi, Barbara Petersen, Dave Carlson On the phone: Tony Fins, Cory Lancaster, Sara Quinn, Mark Tomasik. Baltzelle called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m. Approval of…
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