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Rob Samouce: Most association board meetings must be open to members

Many of those members of condominium and homeowners associations elected to their board of directors are either current or previous captains of industry. In their private corporate lives they are used to “going into closed executive session” when delicate strategic matters must be discussed by the board. So it make perfect sense that they believe…
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Phil Lewis: Public records access important in Tallahassee and back home

A proposed state law that would have given Florida senators and representatives immunity from testifying or providing documents in civil lawsuits is dead — for now. House leaders put the brakes on the legislation this past Monday after protests from the League of Women Voters, the First Amendment Foundation and newspaper editors, to name a…
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Phil Lewis: Of laws and sausages: Horrors in the making

Close monitoring of what goes on in Tallahassee during the annual sessions of the Florida Legislature always brings to mind this quote: “Laws are like sausages; it is better not to see them being made.” It often is attributed to Otto von Bismarck, a statesman credited with the unification of Germany in the 1800s. Bismarck…
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Richard White: The less you put in your minutes the better

Q. I continue to enjoy and learn from your weekly column. I recall a recent column which reviewed the requirements for board minutes of a HOA. I especially appreciated your advice that minutes do not need to include discussion. I am trying to recall whether mandatory inclusion of votes must disclose who voted or only…
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Naples Daily News: Records requests Governor’s office policy blocks public’s sunshine

Claiming a “tremendous increase in public records requests” that are taking “a great toll on existing information technology and other labor resources,” the office of Gov. Rick Scott recently announced a new policy establishing procedures and fees for responding to requests for copies of public documents. Purportedly to reduce the cost to taxpayers in general…
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