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St. Petersburg Times: Government secrecy in Florida is out of hand

BY HOWARD TROXLER We have a simple and important principle in Florida: What the government does is the public’s business. Put another way, the taxpayers of Florida have the right to know what their government is doing. Read more here.

TCPalm: Florida Governor Rick Scott should veto legislation banning public access to recordings related to killings

EDITORIAL In December 1996, Anderson Tate was arrested on driving violations and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail. Uncooperative, he was bound to a chair where he moaned, prayed, thrashed about and asked for help for three hours. Jail employees and deputies walked by him and ignored his pleas and at least one taunted…
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The News-Press: Open access, records are essential to democracy

BY TERRY EBERLE What are public officials afraid of? Why do they spend so much time fighting openness? Let the sunshine in. The latest example is with Edison State College. We have been asking for public records for more than 10 weeks and they are just dribbling in a few at a time. Now we…
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The Tampa Tribune: Commission adopts countywide public records policies

BY MIKE SALINERO Florida’s open records law allows any resident to inspect and copy most government records without question. The person requesting the records doesn’t even have to give a name. But the application of the law often varies, not only between local governments in different parts of the state, but between different agencies in…
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The News-Press: Public records are yours, not the state’s

BY TERRY EBERLE Freedom is not for the weak, poor or uninterested. It takes money and tenacity. Florida has one of the strongest open-records laws in all of the U.S. It is part of our Constitution and must be defended each and every year. It is your law and mine. It allows you to see…
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Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Scott’s evasive tactics

Gov. Rick Scott won election on the strength of 30-second TV commericials, while avoiding questions from reporters and contact with editorial boards. Now he’s conducting 30-minute Twitter and Facebook “town halls” — bypassing the media altogether. Ducking questions is fine if you’re a private businessman as Scott was before the election. In fact, ducking questions…
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The Palm Beach Post: Make all complaints against judges public

Last year, hundreds of complaints were filed against Florida’s judges, but the public got to see only three – the ones where the organization that investigates judicial misbehavior decided to file disciplinary charges. The rest, Florida’s Constitution decrees, must stay secret. This is not a good way to monitor a branch of government. Ethics complaints…
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Highlights from Jan. 18, 2011, board meeting in Tallahassee

Present: Jim Baltzelle, president; Gil Thelen, executive director; Patty Cox, treasurer; Rick Hirsch, past president; Mark Russell, Terry Eberle, Mike Connelly, Manny Garcia, Barbara Petersen, Larry Sullivan, Bob Gabordi, Barbara Petersen, Dave Carlson On the phone: Tony Fins, Cory Lancaster, Sara Quinn, Mark Tomasik. Baltzelle called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m. Approval of…
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