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Florida Senate approves Negron bill clarifying public’s right to comment in meetings

TALLAHASSEE — The state Senate unanimously agreed Tuesday that under Florida law, public meeting attendees should have a fair shot to voice their opinions. Sen. Joe Negron‘s SB 206, which cleared the Senate 40-0 without debate or drama, would give the public the “reasonable” right to testify during most public meetings. Without Negron’s bill, there…
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Phil Lewis: Forecast for Sunshine in Tallahassee

On occasion in Tallahassee, bills are introduced in the State Legislature to amend Florida’s Sunshine Law. Usually that’s cause for alarm among those who believe ardently in open government and the public’s right to know. That’s not the case with Senate Bill 206, which is making its way to a vote during the 2012 session.…
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EDITORIAL: Turning sunshine into shadow

Far too many people believe that “government in the sunshine” — specifically, laws requiring that government meetings be open to the public and that government records be available for public inspection — is an arcane idea of interest mainly to activists and news reporters. That’s not true. Everyone benefits when we can see what our…
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