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Pensacola Beach resident files ethics complaint

Pensacola Beach resident Charlie Rotenberry is filing an ethics complaint today with the state Commission on Ethics against the Santa Rosa Island Authority board and its Chairman Dave Pavlock. Rotenberry is citing that the board members, with the exception of Thomas Campanella, violated the Florida Sunshine Law during the Feb. 8 board meeting. He claims…
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Pensacola News Journal: Santa Rosa dismantles TEAM

After a five-year fight, TEAM Santa Rosa, an organization working without a contract, operating outside of the sunshine and allotting members grants, is being dismantled and a new entity will be formed to take its place — evidence of how citizen activism works. BY LOUIS COOPER Pensacola News Journal The group charged with designing an…
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Pensacola News Journal: Scott’s veto pen needed

EDITORIAL What the public sees under Florida’s Sunshine Law isn’t always pretty — but it can be critically important. Gov. Rick Scott should veto legislation restricting public access to photographs, video and audio recordings of deaths captured by police or other official recordings. No, that’s not an argument to routinely display them on television or…
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Pensacola News Journal: Pensacola aims to increase access to public records

BY JAMIE PAGE The Pensacola City Council today will discuss proposed changes to make it easier for citizens to get public records and to make their views heard. City Council President Maren DeWeese said the policy changes are designed “to create a more transparent city government and give citizens greater access to public information.” Read…
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