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Sheriff should clear the air in Palm Coast case

The death of Palm Coast resident Francoise Pecqueur continues to raise troubling questions about law enforcement in Flagler County. This newspaper is pursuing answers to those questions, first and foremost, because a woman died under murky circumstances. Three months later, the case remains under investigation, inviting public interest and concern about the outcome. Finally, Flagler…
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Public has a right to know what the sheriff knew, and when

BY PAT RICE, NEWS-JOURNAL EDITOR ¬†February 19, 2012 12:05 AM It was near dusk on Nov. 10 when a car struck 76-year-old Palm Coast resident Francoise Pecqueur as she walked with her poodle, Molly, along Columbia Lane. Pecqueur died two days later. The driver of the car that struck Pecqueur was Jamesine Fischer, according to…
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Lawyer: Flagler sheriff should release personal phone records

PALM COAST — Flagler County Sheriff Don Fleming has refused a request from The News-Journal to turn over his personal phone records from the day when he received a call concerning a School Board member’s wife striking a pedestrian who subsequently died of her injuries. Fleming said Tuesday in a brief telephone interview that his…
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