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5 Florida records sites you can use

•Curious about what’s behind that latest city-council action? Emails received and sent by public officials, such as mayors, city council members and state officials, are generally considered public records. Check with the government agency about how to inspect or get copies of messages. •Want to know whether your friend has a history of speeding tickets before planning…
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Public has a right to know what the sheriff knew, and when

BY PAT RICE, NEWS-JOURNAL EDITOR  February 19, 2012 12:05 AM It was near dusk on Nov. 10 when a car struck 76-year-old Palm Coast resident Francoise Pecqueur as she walked with her poodle, Molly, along Columbia Lane. Pecqueur died two days later. The driver of the car that struck Pecqueur was Jamesine Fischer, according to…
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