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St. Petersburg Times: Scott veto strikes a blow for openness

EDITORIAL Gov. Rick Scott acted on behalf of Floridians Friday by vetoing a bill that would have driven underground the business of the state’s airports. Even for a Legislature with open contempt for open government, this bill was extreme and an invitation to scandal. Scott did the right thing by rejecting a measure that could…
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Florida Independent: State Rep. Perman calls on Scott to open up public records

BY TRAVIS PILLOW Gov. Rick Scott is again under fire for his public records policies, this time from freshman state Rep. Steve Perman, D-Boca Raton, who sent him a letter asking him to make records more accessible. Read it after the jump. The Tallahasee Democrat editorial he mentions is behind a paywall, but is available…
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Ledger: Florida’s public records: Scott’s secret trick

EDITORIAL In the Sunshine State, it seems, government has figured out how to block the public’s right to know: Price public records out of the market. Barbara Peterson, of the Florida First Amendment Foundation, said her organization recently made some public records requests to Gov. Rick Scott’s office. Read more here.

Sun Sentinel: Competitive bid process could use some scrutiny

EDITORIAL THE ISSUE: New laws puts wrinkle in procurement process. It sailed through the Florida Legislature as an innocuous-sounding public records extension that, taken at face value, would keep key information in a bid for a state or local government contract safe from the competition. Gov. Rick Scott, not surprisingly, signed the bill, and in…
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Daytona Beach News-Journal: Gov. Scott’s missing the chance for an open discussion

EDITORIAL BY PAT RICE, NEWS-JOURNAL EDITOR Given the fiscal issues the state is facing, Florida Gov. Rick Scott may never be Mr. Popularity. That doesn’t appear to bother him in the least. But it should. Scott’s effectiveness over the next 3 1/2 years will depend on his popular support. State legislators and local government officials…
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TCPalm: Florida Governor Rick Scott should veto legislation banning public access to recordings related to killings

EDITORIAL In December 1996, Anderson Tate was arrested on driving violations and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail. Uncooperative, he was bound to a chair where he moaned, prayed, thrashed about and asked for help for three hours. Jail employees and deputies walked by him and ignored his pleas and at least one taunted…
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Tallahassee Democrat: Governor needs to defend open government

EDITORIAL We’ve said it here countless times — the openness of government in Florida is a model for the nation, and something to be treasured and preserved by its citizens. Yet every year, there are attempts to chip away at open government, and this year is no exception. The First Amendment Foundation, a private, nonpartisan…
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The News-Press: Governor must honor open records vow

EDITORIAL Gov. Rick Scott has been criticized for failing to support Florida’s strong legacy of open government, but he could rebut his critics by vetoing bills making it harder for the press or citizens to check out suspicious deaths, abuse of seniors and public airport records. It’s a chance for Scott to redeem his vow…
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Pensacola News Journal: Scott’s veto pen needed

EDITORIAL What the public sees under Florida’s Sunshine Law isn’t always pretty — but it can be critically important. Gov. Rick Scott should veto legislation restricting public access to photographs, video and audio recordings of deaths captured by police or other official recordings. No, that’s not an argument to routinely display them on television or…
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Tallahassee Democrat: First Amendment advocates say Scott should veto bills that would hurt open government

BY JIM ASH Florida Capital Bureau Chief Governor Rick Scott, the political newcomer who critics say has a tin ear for open government, is the last hope for First Amendment advocates who want him to veto bills that they contend would make it harder to investigate suspicious deaths, elder abuse and wasteful spending. Read more…
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