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Miami New Times: Rick Scott’s Administration Really Hates Sunshine Laws

BY KYLE MUNZENRIEDER “Are there things we don’t want you to know? Yes,” Brian Burgess, Rick Scott’s communication director (or misdirector in many cases) tells the Times/Herald’s Tallahassee Bureau. “There are things we don’t want to broadcast to our opponents.” Florida’s Sunshine Laws are supposed to foster an open and transparent government, but time and time…
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The St. Petersburg Times: Top adviser avoids creating public records as she shapes Gov. Rick Scott’s policy, e-mails show

BY MICHAEL C. BENDER Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau TALLAHASSEE — When U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson’s office tried to contact Gov. Rick Scott’s top lieutenant, Mary Anne Carter offered her cell number, her state e-mail address and a warning. “I rarely check and almost never respond to work e-mail because of the open records law,” Carter wrote…
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Naples Daily News: Records requests Governor’s office policy blocks public’s sunshine

Claiming a “tremendous increase in public records requests” that are taking “a great toll on existing information technology and other labor resources,” the office of Gov. Rick Scott recently announced a new policy establishing procedures and fees for responding to requests for copies of public documents. Purportedly to reduce the cost to taxpayers in general…
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The Wall Street Journal: The rough road from business to politics

In an interview Thursday, Mr. Scott said one thing that surprised him was the power of the state’s “sunshine” law. “My emails became public record the moment I won the election,” he said. “I never thought about that.” Read more here.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Scott’s evasive tactics

Gov. Rick Scott won election on the strength of 30-second TV commericials, while avoiding questions from reporters and contact with editorial boards. Now he’s conducting 30-minute Twitter and Facebook “town halls” — bypassing the media altogether. Ducking questions is fine if you’re a private businessman as Scott was before the election. In fact, ducking questions…
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The St. Petersburg Times: The prince of darkness

BY TIM NICKENS “GIVE AN INCH…” That was the sarcastic tweet last weekend by Brian Burgess, the communications director for Gov. Rick Scott. He complained about a Times/Herald Tallahassee bureau article describing how Scott’s selective release of information about large public pensions advances his political agenda. Burgess’ point: The poor governor gets criticized for not…
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Open government contacts by agency

Open government contacts by agency can be found at flgov.com/open-government-contacts-by-agency. Agencies include the Executive Office of the Governor, the Office of the Attorney General, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Office of Financial Regulation, the Agency for enterprise Information Technology, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the…
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Scott imposes fees for Fla. public records copies

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Rick Scott is imposing fees on public records request to pay for staff time and the cost of making copies. In announcing the fees Thursday, the new Republican governor cited a sharp increase in such requests since he took office in January. Citizens making requests will be provided with cost…
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FSNE’s letter to Gov. Rick Scott

Dear Gov. Rick Scott: As an organization representing print and digital news organizations around the Sunshine State, The Florida Society of News Editors would like to commend you for reaffirming your commitment to the Office of Open Government, as well as for your efforts to meet with and inform the press. As president of FSNE,…
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The Miami Herald: Scott’s meeting with lawmakers may be a violation

BY MICHAEL C. BENDER TALLAHASSEE — Three top Senate Republicans violated their chamber’s own open meeting requirement when they discussed the state budget at a private dinner with Gov. Rick Scott, a First Amendment attorney said Tuesday. “The meeting was held in a location not open to the public,” said Jim Rhea, director of the…
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