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Miami New Times: Rick Scott’s Administration Really Hates Sunshine Laws

BY KYLE MUNZENRIEDER “Are there things we don’t want you to know? Yes,” Brian Burgess, Rick Scott’s communication director (or misdirector in many cases) tells the Times/Herald’s Tallahassee Bureau. “There are things we don’t want to broadcast to our opponents.” Florida’s Sunshine Laws are supposed to foster an open and transparent government, but time and time…
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The Clark Fork Chronicle: Thank you Florida for starting our sunshine laws

BY IAN MARQUAND It isn’t often that Montanans can say, “Thank you, Florida.” This time of year, however, the Big Sky owes the Sunshine State a tip of the cap. Not because we envy the warmth of its spring (although it certainly is enviable in Montana in mid-March) or its renowned entertainment attractions (although Daytona…
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