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Letter: Scott’s privatization effort tries to exclude voters from deliberations

Pat Giancola, Vero Beach Letter: Scott’s privatization effort tries to exclude voters from deliberation. I received an email today from Palm Beach-Treasure Coast AFL-CIO mobilization coordinator informing me of two pieces of legislation that the governor and his cronies are trying to pass regarding privatization of state services without any review. I find it appalling…
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Editorial: Florida lawmaker’s proposal would chip away at review process for large-scale developments

The frontal assault on Florida’s growth-management laws continues in Tallahassee. Case in point? Senate Bill 1180, authored by Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton. This flawed piece of legislation portends negative consequences for the review of developments of regional impact if approved by lawmakers and signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott. Here are some “lowlights” of this…
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TC Palm: Passage of House Bill 629 — regarding public records of certain Florida government personnel — would fuel perception they’re getting preferential treatment over Joe Citizen

EDITORIAL So much for good intentions. Florida Statute 119.071(4)(d)1 creates a number of exemptions on the release of information of law enforcement personnel, including active and former law enforcement and corrections officers, as well as firefighters, current (and former) state attorneys, assistant state attorneys and so on. Exempted information includes home addresses, telephone numbers, Social…
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TC Palm: Florida’s First Amendment Foundation seminars offer Treasure Coast officials opportunity to gain better understanding of state’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law

EDITORIAL Some elected officials and government employees on the Treasure Coast could use a refresher course in Florida’s Government-in-the-Sunshine Law. Need proof? Read more here.